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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Feb 2013 A MISTRESS & HER MUSE by Adrianna Vincent


by Adrianna Vincent

Our loyal men were up and out of the house early on one of their many camping trips, and my lovely Jenn, my best friend and lover, would be spending the weekend with me.  It was Friday morning, and after the guys kissed us good-bye, I told her that I had to head to the office for a few hours, but promised I wouldn’t be long, and then we could do whatever she wanted.

I arrived back home around 2:30pm.  It was a beautiful, bright, sunny day and Jenn had thrown all the doors and windows open in the house, a soft breeze occasionally ruffling the sheers or the leaves of the plants in the living room.  I sighed as I kicked off my shoes and stretched my lithe cat-like body.

Just inside the living room, off the foyer, I saw that there were two suitcases.  I smiled.  Apparently, we were going somewhere.

“Where are you, babe?” I called out.

“In the bedroom,” came Jenn’s soft, sultry voice, a sound that never ceases to stroke my sexuality.  I was instantly, insanely, wet.

I headed down the hall and entered the room, my breath catching in my throat for a moment at the incredible site before me. Jenn was laying on the bed on her back, nude, her bronze skin sparkling a little in the afternoon sunlight that streamed in through the window, her thick dark hair fanned out behind her on the pillow, and the mound of her perfectly shaved pussy rolling as she flexed.

“Welcome home, Mistress,” she purred.

I dropped my purse and my briefcase and began unbuttoning my blouse, my eyes traveling over her succulent skin.  I continued to strip as I approached the bed, revealing myself to her, watching her begin to squirm in response to my open visual appraisal of her stunning body, the desire burning like fire in my otherwise dark eyes.  She was the sexiest, most gorgeous, tastiest looking creature I had ever seen.

Slowly, I crawled onto the foot of the bed and up her legs, pausing to lightly stroke her naked thighs, keeping my eyes trained on hers.  I watched as her lips parted and her chest began to rise and fall, her breathing becoming harder as I advanced.

Finally looking down into her deep green eyes from above, I lowered myself until our bodies met, the warmth of her skin searing into my cool flesh, a ripple of need thrilling through us both as we embraced.  The moment our lips touched, our bodies began to move, undulating against one another.

Jenn whimpered, tilting her head back and exposing her throat.  I opened my mouth wide and bit down gently, caressing her with my teeth, my tongue, my lips.  My left hand roamed over her silken belly and up to her breasts, lightly rolling a nipple between my thumb and forefinger.  She gasped and moaned, and I buried my face in her hair, inhaling the familiar sweet apple scent of her shampoo.

My left thigh was between her legs and I could feel her wetness on me.  I slid my hand down between our bodies and slipped my fingers into her pussy in one smooth motion, drawing a shudder from her and another whimper.  I fingered her, pulling up on her pubic bone, rubbing her clit with my thumb as I watched her sultry eyes, her supple lips.  She opened her mouth, inhaling sharply, a look of amazement plastered across her face that told me she was still, after all these years, in awe of how incredible I could make her feel.

We kissed again, our tongues melting together, dancing in circles.  Her hands grabbed my tight ass, squeezing me into her, forcing my hand harder against her groin as she humped my fingers.  She spread her legs, letting her knees fall outward, her body moving faster.  I sucked her tongue, her bottom lip, then her chin, and ran my tongue down her neck, clamping my lips to the base of her throat once more, feeling her rapid pulse under my tongue.

Jenn’s pussy soaked my hand and her body began to shake uncontrollably.  I wondered how long she had been laying here on the bed, thinking about this, waiting for me to come home, because she was so close to release.  I lifted my head again to look at her, “Are you almost there baby?”

“Yes!” she panted, her voice desperate.

“Do you want me to slow it down?” I asked, breathing hard, kissing her neck.


“Do you want to feel my tongue inside you?”


I quickly moved down her body, gently biting her inner thigh.  She squealed and moaned, and then cried out as I slid the tip of my tongue down over her clit and into her pussy.  I sealed my lips around her opening and sucked the juice from her into my mouth, before shoving my tongue as far into her as I possibly could.

Her hips moved in a circular motion matching the course of my tongue, her hands on my head, tangled into my long raven hair, as she pulled my face into her.  My elbows were to either side of her thighs, my hands spread out on her taut lower belly.  With my thumbs, I pulled the lips of her pussy outward, tightening the skin around the base of her clit.  I massaged the bone underneath, and then allowed my hands to move downward, until I was able to hook my thumbs into her pussy on either side of my tongue, continuing to rub the bone there as well.

My thumbs were inside her, my fingers pressing into her above her clit, and her movements became faster and more demanding as she humped my face.  I moaned, letting the vibrations travel through her and then pulled my tongue out of her, dragging it up toward her clit and pressing down on it while moving it back and forth.

“Oh God!” Jenn cried, “Oh God, yeah!”

Fuck I was turned on!  My pussy humped the bed beneath me, and a sudden and very unexpected orgasm shot through me as I worked on her.  I let it pass, all but forgotten now.  My attention was solely on the luscious woman under me and the importance of her pleasure.

My tongue circled her clit, my lips pulled on it, my teeth gently chewed around it, and her excitement mounted.  She continued to shake wildly, her thighs hard as granite as the muscles contracted, responding to the tsunami-like orgasm that was building within her.

“Don’t stop!  Please don’t stop Kelly!” she begged, her hands frantically pulling my head into her, mashing my face into her pussy as I devoured her.  I slid two fingers inside her, fucking her fast, my tongue continuing its assault on her clit.  I moaned into her again, and she answered with one of her own, her orgasm coming at last, oozing onto my tongue and into my mouth.

“Mmmm, Jenn, you taste so fucking good,” I whispered, gently licking and sucking the lips of her pussy, avoiding her sensitive clit.  She moaned, her breathing slowing, and then sighed heavily with a final shudder.

I kissed my way up her body, and pulled her in close to me, stroking her hair.  We held each other for a moment, before she said, “What about you?  I want you to cum too.”

“I did.  You were concentrating so hard on your own, that you didn’t notice it when I came.  I hardly noticed it myself.  But I did.  That doesn’t mean I’m done with you though.  We have the whole weekend ahead of us after all.”  I paused for a moment, and then added, “By the way, I saw the suitcases in the hall.  Are we going somewhere?”

“Yes we are.  I booked us a room at the West Edmonton Mall for the weekend.  The Luxury Roman Theme room.  It’s absolutely gorgeous!  And we can go shopping, and swimming, and skiing.  Sound good?”

“Sounds great.  Although,” I said slowly, trailing a finger across her breasts, “I have a hard time imagining us finding any time outside of the suite.  But we can try.”  I kissed her soft lips and pulled her against me once more.  “When do we leave?”

“Our flight isn’t until 8:15 tonight, so I was thinking maybe we could go out for dinner first.  Somewhere casual, like… BostonPizza?”

“Sure, whatever you want baby.  Anything at all.”

As we spoke, our hands had been moving slowly over one another, and before we knew it, we were making love again.

It was about four-thirty, when Jenn finally lifted her head from between my silken thighs and whispered, “On second thought – let’s just eat in tonight.”


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Feb 2013 Thrill by @DeadlyPayne


“Mistress, the Master is ready to see you now.”

She turned slowly towards the elderly steward, her emerald green eyes reflecting the flickering candlelight dancing around the room, “Thank you, Maxwell, pleasure to see you as always.”

She strode confidently into the library where Aeron was waiting. His light blue eyes bore holes into her as they ran over her form fitting leather and lace dress. Aeron indicated to a chair alongside his, his voice velvety smooth. “Karii, please.”

Karii waited until she had his full attention before taking a seat, making a great showing of crossing her legs to reveal the slit clear up her hip. Aeron darted his tongue over his lower lip at that teasing of bare flesh before he slowly raised his eyes to meet Karii’s. “Always a pleasure” He slid his chair closer and lightly traced his finger along her thigh.

Her smile grew, even as she pushed his hand away when it wandered too far, “I assume there was a reason you asked me here tonight?”

Karii saw the vials and knew what Aeron needed. He gave a small smile, “I wanted to discuss the prisoner as well as ask a favor.”

“My blood is yours, Aeron.” Karii held out her arm and rested it on the armrest. “The prisoner was dealt with as I know you saw.” Karii’s lips twitched in a smirk.

Aeron leaned forward and wrapped his hand around her wrist, “I did, why do you not allow me to take from the source, Kar?” his voice almost a purr, “Are you frightened?” Aeron placed a soft kiss on her tender skin.

Karii attempted to pull her hand free, but Aeron tightened his fingers. “You don’t frighten me, Aeron.”
“Oh, I think I do, Kar” He grazed his fangs over her vein.

Karii shifted in her chair, taking a shaky breath, “Aeron, you only want this because I refuse. If I give in, the thrill will be over.”

He gave a quick flick of his wrist and deftly pulled Karii into his lap, her dress sliding up as his other arm locked around her waist, clamping her much smaller frame to his. “I’ll be the judge of that” Aeron brushed her hair back and ran his lips along her neck, his fingers splaying over her stomach. “I do not believe the thrill will ever be gone.” He found the lobe of her ear and nipped lightly. His breath blew against her ear as he flicked his tongue over the lobe, causing a wave of anticipated pleasure to course through her.

Aeron’s other hand slid along her side and cupped her under the chin, tilting her head to the side, his other hand tracing the pattern of lace and leather that covered her stomach as he held her in place. He found the tender spot behind her ear and Karii let out a whimpered moan between clenched lips. She shifted again and felt his erection straining against his slacks. Her eyes went wide and she found herself curious to see if what she felt matched up to reality. Aeron’s arm tightened and he groaned against her skin at the movement.

Aeron inhaled, his nostrils flaring as he caught the scent of Karii’s desire. “Tell me that you don’t want this,” he lifted his hips and ground his arousal against her ass. Aeron slid his hand further up her stomach to cup her breast in his hand, eliciting a small moan from Karii.

His fingers found and pinched her pebbled nipple through the tight confines of her dress and all rational thought left her brain. In a flash of movement, Karii found herself sitting on the desk, Aeron between her legs as he pinned her in place. His eyes flashed and he lowered his face towards hers, fangs bared, Aeron’s arousal ground against Karii, causing her to elicit a low moan as her body screamed for more.

She slid her tongue along her lower lip and darted her hands to his waist band to undo his slacks.  Once his pants were undone, her hand ran down his stomach to slip inside, gasping as her fingers grazed his hardened length. Aeron buried his face in her neck, nipping and licking the tender skin. Her fingers wrapped around him and caused Aeron to drag his fangs down her neck in anticipation. Karii hooked her leg around Aeron’s waist and used her heel to pull his pants down, her fingers never leaving his erection as she moved her hand along his length. Aeron growled against her neck and trailed a hand from her knee up her leg and between them. Her fingers stuttered their movement when he began tracing her slick folds with his finger, teasing her body until she was raising her hips and desperately seeking more contact. He let out a low chuckle as his long finger pressed between her folds and circled her entrance before pressing inside her. Aeron pressed a second finger inside and began priming her, he’d waited so long, he wanted her at his mercy. Her hips rose from the desk, writhing under the assault of his fingers, her lips parted and she let out a small whimper as her fingers tightened around him, attempting to direct him. Aeron nipped at her neck, “What’s the matter, Kar?” He pressed his thumb against her slightly swollen nub as his fingers scissored inside her.

Karii tipped her head to the side allowing him free access to her neck in a silent invitation and Aeron wasted no time. He pulled his fingers free and removed her hand from him, taking his length he ran it over her folds, standing up to his full height to run his eyes over her. Aeron couldn’t wait any longer, he placed his other hand on her hip and slowly slid his length into her. Karii held her breath and her eyes went wide, feeling him in her fingers hadn’t prepared her for the sheer size of him. Aeron buried himself completely inside her and held still, giving her time to adjust while he took in the sight of her. Her breasts heaving against the tight fabric of her dress, her face flushed with desire and her eyes half-glazed. She let out a soft moan and began rocking her hips against him, her hands reaching up to grab his shirt and pull him close. He gripped her hips and pulled out almost completely before burying himself once more. He wanted more, wanted her closer so he leaned down and whispered for her to wrap her arms around his neck, once she complied, he lifted her from the desk and sat back on the chair.

Karii kept her arms on Aeron’s shoulders as she shifted in his lap, each movement reminding of the tightness of her body around him. Aeron tipped his head and claimed Karii’s lips in a slow but thorough kiss as his hands griped her hips and began pulling her along his throbbing length. Karii dug her nails into his shoulders, breaking the kiss as her head dropped back, a mumbled string of curses spilled from her crimson lips. Aeron moved his lips down her jaw to her neck, teasing the vein with his tongue and teeth, murmuring against the skin in his native tongue, “Faen, du føler deg så bra, min onde lite, trollkvinne.” His fangs grazed the vein, resisting as long as he could, focusing solely on bringing her to pleasure. Their movements becoming near frantic, his hips rising off the seat as he met her movements, grinding, writhing, slamming motions, moans growing louder as her breath grew ragged. Aeron nipped and sucked her neck harshly, he felt her tighten around his length and knew she was close. He let out a low growl and bit down, piercing the skin easily as he latched on to her vein.

Her blood spilling into his mouth and Aeron let out a deep throated moan, his eyes rolling at the flavor. She was right, this was better than from a vial any damn day of the week. Aeron took deep pulls, letting the rich liquid spill down his throat, his fingers tightening on her hips as he increased his movements. Karii cried out the moment his fangs sunk in, her orgasm raced down her spine and she slammed against him, his fingers bruising touch not even phasing her. Aeron pulled his fangs free and licked the wounds, but was nowhere near finished with her. He stood, wrapped her legs around his waist, Karii’s nails dragging across his back while he walked them out of the library and up the stairs to his room. Aeron lifted his head and met her eyes, she saw the glaze, saw him bordering on the edge, but she herself too far gone to care. He barely paused as he stepped out of his slacks, didn’t pay attention to the servants gaping as they passed, all he knew was that he needed her on his bed. 

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Feb 2013 LUNCH by BlueMoon


by BlueMoon (Anon.)

Running my hands along the rail of tops, all the colours to choose from and still I can’t find the one I want. I want a red top, but it has to be red red. Not just one of these pale reds or almost pink reds I want RED. 

Walking from section to section, you would think in a store this size I would be able to just pick up a red top. Grinning as finally see the red I want, walking over quickly and picking up the red one from the middle of the rail and holding it up to catch the daylight coming in through the shop window. As I turn the top my eyes light up as I see the skull and crossbones in a darker red sequence across the front.

“Sarah look what I found!” Dandling the top in front of me like a tasty treat, I walk up to her, my eyes alight. “Will I try it on?” Licking my lips as I run my finger just under the edge of the neck of my top. Leaning into Sarah as I whisper. “Will you help me try it on?”

Walking backwards towards to changing rooms wiggling my eyebrows. “Did you find something that you want to try on?” My eyes looking down at the jeans in Sarah’s hand as she rolls her eyes at me. 

“Don’t you ever get tired of shopping Joe?” 

Laughing as I spin around just in time to stop myself from walking into a mannequin. “Stop it Sarah you know I love to shop as long as you are with me.” Looking at the girl in charge of the changing rooms and smiling as I hold up my top. 

“We have one item each is it ok if we go in?” Sighing very dramatically as she tells us there is only one cubicle left. “Ok look we are in a hurry is it ok if we share?” 

Sighing as I walk past the girl into the changing rooms talking over my shoulder to Sarah. “I really hate it when there aren’t enough cubicles but at least this way we can get back to work and hopefully with some new clothes.” 

Pulling back the curtain and letting Sarah walk in first holding in my laugh as I fix the curtain so we won’t be seen. “This was too easy, now its time I had my lunch treat!” 

Biting my lip as I drop to my knees and pushing up her pencil skirt slowly, fixing it around her waist so it can’t fall back down. Looking up into Sarah’s eyes as my hand pushes her panties aside so I can see her moist core, whispering. “Mistress my I pleasure you now?” 

Not waiting for an answer as I run my tongue over her groaning softly as I hear Sarah’s breathing speed up while her hand pushes my head closer to her body. Licking and sucking her as I tease her with my fingers, setting a quick rhythm with my tongue long lick short lick removing my fingers to plunge my tongue in. 

All the while looking up at Sarah. Feeling her legs start to tremble I insert three of my fingers growling against her core as I hear her gasp loudly. Tasting her orgasm as I close my eyes while sucking hard to give her more pleasure. Gripping onto Sarah as the shop girl calls out 

“Are you ok in there?” 

Giving Sarah no reprieve as I continue to fill her with my fingers plunging them in and out faster and faster as I suck her core while I listen to her trying to answer the girl. “Y..yes... Sor..sorry I fell oveeeeeeeeer a bit changing....” Pushing my full hand into Sarah grinning as she squeaks out “I’ll be fine.... I... we... I... will be out in a minute.” Removing my hand as I bit her leg then fixing her panties back as I stand up. 

“So you going to try on your jeans?” Slowly licking my fingers groaning as Sarah lick’s her lips as her eyes lock onto my fingers, then leaning in and kissing her, whispering into Sarah’s ear, “Thank you for lunch.” 

Laughing hard as I hear the shop girl walk off muttering about weird noises. “I think we may have upset her.” Taking of my top as I try on the red one. “What do you think?” Turning to look at Sarah, my breath leaving me as I watch her pulling up the jeans her back to me, the jeans just hug her curves. Smiling at her in the mirror as I place my hands on her ass. “I think I’m hungry again?”

Feb 2013 WINDOW SHOPPING by @RavenandBlack


by @RavenandBlack

She’d pulled the short straw. Again. Not that she minded the night shifts so much, but on this night? The moon was full, a beacon in the sky calling out to her. And she couldn’t answer. Already, she felt too tight in her skin, trapped behind the store-front glass with only the mannequins for company, the party crowds starting to move out in all the shades of red. Her hands detached a plastic arm, moved on to the other one, a sigh of resignation fanning into the cool store air.

‘Well, at least I get to make you pretty.’ Methodically, the fire-red dress was lowered onto the mannequin’s solid form, the fabric falling to sit beautifully on her plastic perfection. She stroked it with covetous hands, lingering. Nothing ever looked as good on a woman as it did on the dolls she dressed, and when a skim of light cut across the front of the store, it made the shadows shift. Hair prickled on the back of her neck in a chill and she brushed at her skirt self-consciously. Her eyes slanted, glaring accusingly at the darkness beyond the glass. It was distracting to be the focus of something she couldn’t see. It certainly wasn’t the mannequins watching her.

‘Perv,’ she muttered, searching the night and finding the soft lines of a figure deep in the shadow of the opposite building. Definite perv. But...if it was a show he wanted... ‘Perv on this, you sicko.’ Confident he couldn’t identify her in the dark, she moved up onto the mannequin’s pedestal. Her hips ground to a plastic thigh, crawling up on the bald doll and lewdly tongue-kissing its hard mouth. She dragged the dress up its thighs, hitched it up over its ass, flashing the hidden presence a glimpse of mannequin flesh. Her laughter carried through the empty store as a smirk graced her lips in a flash of  smug humour. She looked back where the shape had been, but the shadows had disappeared. ‘Damn straight. Weirdo.’ Still snorting laughter, she straightened the molested mannequin and reached for its shoes.

With the jimmied door swinging behind him, Fite crossed the deserted shop floor, prowling boots silent as the grave. Melted into shadow, hooded eyes watched the girl as she rearranged the dress on the dummy, oblivious to the crimson-tinted gaze that tracked every bend and sway of her sheathed curves with predatory intent. Body hard, pulsing and primed for the hunt, he bared sharp canines on a barely audible growl and was across the room in a heartbeat.  A wall of muscle at her back, one powerful forearm locked around her throat and the rigid shaft of his cock rode the small of her back. 'Saw something in the window I wanted...’ His snarling breath licked at her ear. No time to protest, he tackled her up against the glass, glossy black hair whipping her shoulders as she struggled to right herself in a splay of palms against the smooth shop-window. ‘I take what I want.’

She was caught before she even realised she was being hunted, prey to a predator that made no sound. Cheek mashed to the cold glass, dominant hands jacked the tight pencil skirt high on her hips as her legs were kicked wide by his knee.  A rasp of metal unzipping was loud in the silent store and it drew a low cry from her throat. Exhilaration made her heart race hard and her sex flood with arousal. She knew what he would find when his rough hands clawed the soft flesh of her ass and fingertips met the soaked silk of her panties. She was rewarded for her desire, her underwear shredded in the over-zealous yank of hands battling to possess her.

Her whimper of surprise was a match-strike to the dry lust husking his voice. A low growl rolled up from deep in his throat and he tilted her pelvis until the thick head of his cock was kissing the slick, swollen lips of her sex, his body a threat of taut, honed muscle and musky male arousal crowding her against the window. A steel-taloned fist tamed the wild mess of her hair, torquing her jaw until the animal hunger in his otherworldly eyes met hers, head on. ‘Your name, woman. Say it!’

Far from protesting, she had to struggle for the syllables he wanted. Her body bowed, arched up and straining to get more of him in contact with her skin, fingers clawing into the shiny glass for purchase as her ass wound a ride up the steel ridge of his erection. She was mewling like she was hurting, an ache begging to be filled by him. It would take one word. ‘Mercy...Oh God, please!’

‘No mercy for you, Mercy.’ He punched in, hilt-deep on a powering stroke that smacked up to the soft, yielding rounds of her ass, a snarled curse rising up from his throat as his free hand gripped her hip in a bruising, anchoring claim, the stretching penetration testing her limits and the boundaries of his control. No gentlemanly pace to allow her accommodate to his size, he pistoned into her with vicious, slamming thrusts, thighs slapping, hips pumping a brutal, primal rhythm. She braced the glass, kicking back with wild animal eroticism, taking all he had to give and demanding harder, faster, deeper, an adrenalin-pounding, hammering sprint of fucking that shook the window in its frame.

The raw need tingling a warning down her spine collapsed under the collision. He was inside her, a personification of violent, animalistic lust and potent desire unleashed on soft, more than ready curves. Catching fire on his rhythm, her body gladly took up the pace, a squeak of glass meeting every stroke with violent internal twists as her hips rolled. Hard, bruising, roughly possessive muscle drove into her, over and over, punishing her sex with the thick length of his cock. He took her completely, made her body accept his and with every crack of his hips to hers, he was flicking the switch to an ultimate meltdown. Wild eyes caught on an even wilder reflection: her face, tight with lust, gaze mad with the fever. Can they see us? People drifted by in flocks, huddled against the cold air, but her brain cells were too busy sparking off arousal to care. It was her last thought before he took her higher, drove them harder.

He fisted her hair, pivoting her slender neck...desperate to fucking kiss, fangs and lips barely grazing, the vicious tempo denying him her mouth. His eyes were ablaze with manic lust, sweat breaking over his skin. He was not a male to be denied. Pulling from the liquid satin fist of her core on a snarl, he wheeled her about face and crammed himself between her trembling thighs. Her bare ass slid up the cold glass pane, pinning her for the brutal lock of his hips that nailed the thick, stretching girth of his erection straight to her limits.

She was delirious on the mounting ecstasy, nails raking at the breadth of his shoulders as he pistoned deep, striking to the depths of her quivering core, a rabid dance owning her in an overwhelming beat of relentless thrusts. She whined for him, lips wet, parting for the slanting graze of his mouth. ‘Yes!’ That’s what she needed. Possessive tongue and sharp teeth made her so hot she expected the glass fused to her spine to do the impossible and melt with her. She was cracking, so close to splintering around his cock that her breath panted out in husky purrs and she dragged at him. More...

The glass fogged, enveloping them in a mist of raw, sexual energy. Metal-tipped fingers tunnelled into her hair, the heels of his hands framing her high cheekbones as he growled hot plumes of lust to her mouth through lips parted by massive canines. Hips kicking deep, he rode her spine up the squeaky pane, moving inside her, thrusting harder, a vicious, glass-cracking, flesh-slapping tempo that ratcheted up the pressure until it was uncontainable. His thighs locked, spine curling, and on a growl edged with insanity his fangs struck deep into the tender yield of her neck, mainlining liquid ecstasy through her body as the mind-altering orgasmic waves nailed him inside of her, over and over and fucking over again.

Pain injected pleasure straight into her bloodstream with the slicing lock of his teeth and her hips jerked at the pulse of eroticism linking his bite to her sex. Euphoria was a blazing head-rush and Mercy clung to him, her lifeline in the tidal storm of release that crashed through her, her orgasm rushing to join with the surges of his. There was no getting enough of him, every thrust of his hips punching her into another climax, surging him deep and locking him into the velvet vice of her. They were and muscle embracing pooling curves as she seized in the oblivion of ecstatic bliss.

His words were drugged, murmured against her throat in a purr. ‘Next time, don’t make me hunt you down, Mercedes.’

She couldn’t contain her laughter, breathless and rough and her fingers sifted dreamily through the damp silver of his hair. ‘Maybe I like being hunted by you.’

As condensation crept from the window, the gathered crowd of shadows slowly moved away, melting into the night and its full moon erotic promise.


Raven and Black's paranormal romance novel BECOMING RED is available from Amazon HERE


Cyber Sex Mysteries 2: Keep it on Vibrate (Excerpt)

by Nikki Haze @NikkiHazeFever

"Take off your clothes.  I've thought of nothing but getting you naked all week."
Arria threw her bag to the floor of Dylan’s outrageously messy bedroom and stripped off her clothes without a second thought. He’d been all she thought about since Saturday.  His eyes darkened mischievously as he stepped forward to trail one long finger along the lips of her swollen pussy.
Dylan tugged his shirt over his head, those sex-struck eyes leaving hers momentarily.  He was savagely gorgeous.  Golden skin, corded in muscle with a defined six-pack and that delicious little V muscle that disappeared beneath his pants.  He moved to pull them down, but Arria quickly knelt before him, naked, and curled her fingers around the elastic band.  Her eyes trained on the bulged beneath the fabric, she yanked them down to the ground, as she'd imagined doing earlier.  She gasped and covered her mouth with both hands as his cock sprung out and smacked her square in the face with its enormity.
He laughed smugly, as if he not only enjoyed her surprise but got a kick out of smacking her in the face.  She couldn’t help but stifle a laugh as well.  His enormity was practically cartoonish.
“Yeah, the rumors are true.  Think you can take it?”  His eyebrow raised in question, his voice pure challenge.  Oh he’s good.
His monster cock stuck straight out a foot or so from above his freshly shaved balls.  It wasn’t just long, it was thick with pulsing veins trailing down the length.  Arria placed her fist around his cock, but she needed both hands to get a solid grasp on the girth.
Arria swallowed down the fear of the thought of this beast inside of her.  Their eyes meet as she nodded hesitantly in answer.  Yes. For Dylan, she could take it.  She'd only had sex once before.  It happened quick and dirty in a empty, darkened common area during the freshman orientation party.  The guy's cock had barely even registered in her tight virgin cunt.  Arria wasn't even sure he'd been able to pop her cherry.  This was going to hurt, and she didn't care.  It was Dylan and he'd wanted her too, all this time.
"You have a funny way of showing a girl you want her, Dylan," she said lowering her lips to him and licking the tip, thinking of the way he’d looked at her when she exploded in the classroom.  Now their eyes were locked   Kara told Arria that guys like it when you watch them while you suck their dick.  Arria wasn't sure she could manage even half of him but did her best.  Using both hands, she hollowed her cheeks as she moved up and down until he met the soft flesh at the back of her throat.  Dylan threw his head back and moaned her name, leaning his hips into her grasp.
He made a loud frustrated noise moments later and grabbed both of her wrist in that same bruising way he'd done before.  “I have to be inside of you.”
Dylan retreated from her mouth and promptly pushed Arria down onto the laundry covered floor.  He slid down on top of her and ground that thick monster into her thigh.  Every inch of their bodies were touching as the most delicious shiver made its way up her spine. Dylan pinned her wrists above her head and claimed her mouth, sucking her tongue and biting at her swollen lips.
He reached between them, sliding one finger deep inside her tight pussy.
"Oh, this is going to be bad for you, Arria.  You're tighter than a virgin.”
With his reputation, she bet he’d had plenty of those.  Dylan managed a second finger and began thrusting them in and out of her with a come here motion that hit that sensitive spot deep inside her.  She began dripping for him, his fingers soaked in her juices as they slid in and out.
“I’m going to hurt you, are you sure you want this cock?"  He added a third finger and she gasped a the pain and please of his fingers stretching her.
"I'll die if I don't, Dylan.  Do it, fuck me.  Don’t hold back, I don't care if it hurts."
           She was so drunk on him; his scent, smooth skin, that promising smile and his elephant trunk of a cock she couldn’t wait to feel inside her. I’m going to hurt you. His words were so fucking hot.
Dylan kissed her.  This time with a rough, searching starvation that had her moaning down his throat.  He pulled away and dipped down to her ear, nipping at her earlobe and licking the shell of her ear as he spoke.  
“I'm going to slam into you fast, Arria.  Just bite down on my shoulder as hard as you need to.  I like pain, too.”
 Arria had never thought of herself as someone who enjoyed pain, but she realized in that moment that he was right.  She liked the rough way he handled her, his bruising grasp, and most of all the promise of being split in two by the enormity of him.
Dylan guided his cock towards her pussy, rimming her tight opening with the head.
Her clit swelled at the pressure of his knuckles as they swept over her soft flesh.  She was dripping wet and as ready for him as she would get. She turned her head to the side and kissed the inside of his other arm, which was rested next to her shoulder before answering,
“Yes, now.”  
He hovered over her in one questioning moment.  "Bite me," he ordered before he crammed her cunt full of his cock.   
Arria let out a strangled scream as she bit down on his shoulder.  A sharp pain pierced right up her middle as he split her open, but it quickly melted into an edgy pleasure that had her moaning and pressing into him.
He groaned loudly, "Fuck, Arria.  You're so tight I could cum already.”  He held himself right there, inside of her as they adjusted to each other.  She groaned, writhing beneath him in effort to get him moving.  It hurt so perfectly.  She wanted that heady pain and pleasure, she wanted more.  Arria thought she would never adjust to his size no matter how many times they fucked, and she liked this idea.
Dylan kissed her softly and began small pumps of his hips through her wetness, as her pussy began quivering around him.  She was so close already.  Oh my god, the fullness of him drove her wild.
"Dylan,” She whispered his name against his lips.  He trailed his tongue down the column of her neck and kissed his way to her breasts, biting down hard on one nipple.  The sensation sent her over the edge, his hips twisting and slapping against her thighs.  She shattered, screaming her orgasm through the silent room as the sharp pulses of her cunt squeezed him like a vice.
Arria was barely aware of the reverence in Dylan’s eyes as he watched her fall apart.  "That's it, cum for me."  He kissed her neck and began pumping harder into her until he was balls deep in her sopping wet pussy.  Arria’s tightness had loosened infinitesimally as he reached between them, coaxing her down from her orgasm with the tips of his fingers on her clit.
"You look like an angel when you cum.  I want to see it again, I want more."
"Again?"  She spoke soft through the haze of her pleasure.  He was so fucking sexy, broad-shouldered, his muscles rippling as he rammed her full of that cock.
Dylan nodded slowly, that dreamy smile playing at his lips as his thrusts picked up to a punishing pace.  He paused deep inside her and expertly flipped her over with his cock still inside of her.  He pressed Arria’s face down to the ground and then used the weight of his body to stretch her out along the floor. He flattened himself on top of her and began slamming into her from behind.  She felt her muscles start up again, pulsing with a rush in her core.  How is this even possible?  She hadn't even had an orgasm that first time, she'd only had them when she used that vibrator her sister gave her for her birthday.
Dylan ground his hips into her in sharp thrusting circles.  His purposeful movements inched her closer, her breath catching and picking up.
"Dylan,” she moaned.  “I’m going to cum again.”  How could it feel better and better each time she exploded for him?
His cock was gone from her cunt with a sucking noise.  She protested loudly, feeling empty without him.  He immediately flipped her over again, as if she weighed nothing.  He loved his mastery of her body, his dominance over her pleasure.  Dylan’s fingers found her clit fast as he lowered his mouth to her pussy.
“Sit up,” he ordered.  “I want to watch your face as your cunt juices fill my mouth.”  He gave her pussy one long lick, before sucking on her clit with little pulses.  His hand began massaging her asshole before he quickly slipped a pinky past her resistant opening.
She sucked in a sharp breath at the unexpected blast of pleasure from the new penetration.  Fuck, but he knew how to drive her wild. Dylan hummed his moans of enjoyment against her skin, little vibrations against her swollen clit.  He spread her legs wide, working another finger in her tight ass.  He slid his tongue deep inside her trembling cunt, lapping at her and thrusting sharply into her ass with his fingers. Arria came almost immediately, bucking wildly beneath him as the pleasure blaster through every part of her, shooting out her fingertips.  She became liquid beneath him, her wetness coating his face as he grinned, letting out a low laugh against her flesh.
He sat up and kneeled between her legs, stroking himself as he told her, "Your pussy tastes like rain.  I love the rain, Arria."  He loved her pussy.  Dylan spread her legs and rammed his cock back inside her cunt, still trembling from the intensity of her release the pulses sucked him in further.  He humped her at warp speed with an unapologetic ruthlessness that hinted at his intent to slake his pleasure from her tightness.  His long, fast strokes sent him to the hilt, his balls slapping against her ass, and then nearly back out again.  His breath picked up as he began to pulse and thicken further inside of her.
Dylan pulled out of her pussy fast and with a loud groan, began spurting his cum all over her in a crop-dusting motion.  Warm splashes hit her tits and stomach, sliding to the dirty clothes beneath them.  Arria loved the shocked expression on Dylan’s face as she shimmied her way down between his legs and caught one long stream of his warm musk in her mouth.  She gulped hungrily, his cum splashing over his face, dripping from her lips.  As his fist began to slow down, she pressed her lips to the tip of his cock and sucked hard. She milked every last of cum from him, swallowing it all down for him as he came down from his high.   
"You're so damn hot,” he said, watching Arria lick his cum from her lips. He dipped his finger in some of the cum that landed on her nipple and brought it up to her mouth.  She licked his finger clean as smiled back at him all the while.  


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Feb 2013 Excerpt from INNOCENCE LOST by Helen Johnston


Written by Helen Johnston

“Kiss me Jarryd!” Siobhan demanded him, he didn’t need to be asked again and moved in to ravish her mouth.
Siobhan turned her body so she was facing him she wrapped her arms around him to draw him to her. Giving herself over to the delicious feelings the drugs were enhancing. Siobhan wrapped her long legs around him and enjoyed the way he kissed her. It felt like he hadn’t kissed anyone for a very long time. He soon had Siobhan gasping and wanting more.
With her eyes closed she really could have been kissing Blake, she ran her tongue over his lips and flicked his fangs as she gently kissed him. This kiss was such a gentle, sweet kiss with no other schedule or meaning, just a kiss to render her breathless. Jarryd was now running his tongue over her teeth, his arms around her waist running his hands up and down her spine not to comfort this time but to enflame.
He lifted Siobhan up out of the water and sat her down on the side and pushed her down so that she was now lying on her back on the floor tiles with her legs dangling in the water. He pulled her to him so her bum was right on the edge of the tub. He knelt down as he placed her legs over his shoulders.
“I’ve been looking forward to getting my teeth around this little gold hoop!” He whispered against her body as he ducked his face low so he could place his tongue on her gold hoop. He bit it and gave it a little pull.
Siobhan’s back arched and her hands pushed against the hard floor as she pushed herself into his willing mouth. He knew exactly what she needed of him, so he began to lick her, small little licks which were more like hot little kisses. His hands were all over her body exploring her, getting to know her by the sighs she made when she liked something that he was doing. He was in no rush; he wouldn’t be made to hurry up when she tried to get him to speed up.
“Have patience Si!” Jarryd chuckled as he took hold of her hands and placed them on her breasts. “Pinch your nipples and enjoy yourself! While I enjoy myself here.” He instructed her, Siobhan felt the drugs over ride any embarrassment she might have felt. She pulled them tentatively and then bucked at the electric shocks they sent down her body to where Jarryd was enjoying her.   
Jarryd’s fingers were now burying themselves deep inside of her, while his tongue had changed speed and was now pushing her onwards towards another orgasm. Siobhan began to pant and arch her back.
“Please, please, I need to come now!” She begged of her new bed partner.
“As you ask so sweetly, I will help you come.” Jarryd called out as he plunged two of his fingers deep inside of her while his fingers of his other hand did delicious things to her bud along with his tongue and brought about an almighty orgasm.
Siobhan cried out and came with such a force she felt her body rise and then crumble beneath his expert touch. As she lay on the tiles with her eyes shut, she was locked away in her own private world. Jarryd jumped out of the water and picked her up and carried her to the bed.
He could feel Siobhan was still in the throes of her orgasm, she felt warm, soft and wet to his touch. When he had placed her on the bed he walked over to the wall and picked out some things to enhance their pleasure. Jarryd reached the bed where Siobhan was waiting for him, he first blindfolded her then he attached the nipple clamps and watched as Siobhan whimpered and started to tremble.
He also had cuffed her hands to the bed. Next came a buzzing sound and a second later Siobhan could feel Jarryd spreading her legs and pushing himself into her. He filled her all the way up; only when he was in her did he stop so she could feel what was making that buzzing sound.
Siobhan let out a low moan as whatever Jarryd had attached to his cock had made contact with her bud. It was made of soft rubber, she could feel that much, also it felt like it had little rubber spikes all over it. It was vibrating against her most sensitive place while Jarryd’s hands were gently tugging at her nipple clamps. His mouth was devouring hers with long hard kisses.
Jarryd could feel Siobhan was close to another orgasm so he picked up the pace. His hips pushing himself deeper and deeper into her, which Siobhan was matching with her own as she lifted her hips up so she could receive him. Calling out to him to hurry and release her, Siobhan was becoming frantic for release.
Jarryd pulled off the nipple clamp’s and bit down on a nipple very nearly biting her for real and Siobhan screamed out as the first wave broke over her. Her legs and internal muscles clamped Jarryd to her as she held onto him until she was spent, not caring if he had come or not, but it only took one final hard push for Jarryd to reach his own orgasm.
Jarryd quickly reached up and un-cuffed Siobhan’s hands and rolled them over so she was now lying on top of him.
 “Come here!” He growled deeply as he pulled her down to kiss her, his hands running through her hair. He was satisfied that she was panting heavily and seemed quite content to lie on him and relax. Siobhan closed her eyes and her hands were rested gently on Jarryd’s shoulders, she was trying to catch her breath. She wondered what on earth Blake would feel about someone that he had sent in to the lion’s den to try and guard her, and she had ended up sleeping with him. What a mess, I think I must be turning into a nymphomaniac she thought sadly to herself. 

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Feb 2013 A VALENTINE's DAY RETREAT by @MyLittleVixen


by Vixen @MyLittleVixen

Vixen has a blog My Little Vixen. It's a lingerie blog and she has a special section, The Vixen's Boudoir, where she posts her erotic short stories. Be sure to check her out!

‘When is he going to get here?’
For the last two hours, Monica’s thoughts have been filled with nothing but the dirtiest, craziest, sexual fantasies of what she wanted to do her boyfriend once he arrived. She had transformed my inner most sanctum into the tantalizing lair for lovers to release their wildest inhibitions and explore the depths of their sexual desires. Small candlelight had been strategically placed throughout the small room with the dimming twilight gleaming in the distance outside the large windows draped with elegant curtains. A fresh bouquet of fragrant flowers bloomed out of a small vase in the middle of the coffee table with fallen petals scattered around creating a tranquil ambiance. The air was filled with passion so that they could bathe in each other’s lust. Her home was possessed by Cupid’s naughty but loving holiday. She wanted to bring him peace from his trying work schedule that constantly took him away from her embrace. She created a space to show that her love remained untainted and she was her home waiting for here. Any stress that he had should be lifted once he came. He was missed and all she wanted to do was welcome her amorous king to his kingdom.
Once she was done, she decided to take a shower in the hopes to cleanse her mind of the wild passionate thoughts that formed in her mind. She stood under the showerhead and let the water wash over her exquisite figure exploding on contact with her skin. The teasing idea of him walking through the door while she was alone and bare made her body quiver. He would arrive soon and when he did, she would be ready for him. She was prepared to make this night a cherished moment that would become timeless. She turned off the water and get out the shower. Once her skin dried and she put on a beautiful chemise with rich embroidery decorating her perky bosom. The satin was as supple as her cinnamon skin and played with the contours of her curvaceous shape. She looked in the mirror and began to make herself over. She ran her slim fingers through her untamed bouncy tresses and made my face glow under the candlelight. She was ready to make every fantasy he dreamed of come alive tonight. She heard a knock on the door and she could hear heart began to beat in a roaring rhythm. He was here. She took one last glance into the mirror before she swayed her hips over to the door to open it. There he stood; her magnificent sovereign and tender lover in the doorway. His regal chocolate elegance stood before her with a dapper collard shirt and dark washed jeans that mischievously outlined his sculpted physique. The corner of lush lips curved upwards in seductive smile. The smoldering look of lust was evident in his eyes. She couldn’t help but smirk victoriously. She had him right where she wanted him.
“Welcome home baby” she whispered. She walked up to him and place tender chaste kiss on his lips and smile before standing to let him enter. His grin widened slightly as he walked in quietly chuckling. Once inside he walked into the warmly lit refuge she had prepared for them. The tempting vixen slowly waltzed around and stood by his side. Without hesitation, she caught her and wrapped his string arms around her thin waist. He leaned in and planted a soft kiss on her lips. His taste was addicting. She could feel her own want rising within her small frame against his enticing touch.
“I’m happy I could make it” he said smiling. She could his finger traced tiny circles in the small of my back tickling my spine. His happiness was contagious. He felt relief from the moment her lips collided with his.
“I know you had a long day so I wanted to relax” she said.  It was her turn to smile. He stole another quick kiss from his lips and teasingly grazed his bottom lip with a playful bite. His statuesque form towered over eclipsing her by his shadow. His grip around her stayed firm. He leaned down towards her picturesque face as she slight leaned upwards so their lips could meet once meet once more.
“You did all this for me?” he whispered. She could see his eyes look down at plump breasts under thin lace and back up at her exotic almond shaped eyes. He bit his lip and the intensity in his gaze grew overwhelmingly..
“I felt you deserved a little treat after a long work week” she answered. “So I thought this could be a nice little escape for one night”
“Trust me” he said. “I’m liking everything” The tone was silky and smooth. The devilish temptress smirked taking his hand to lead him over to the sofa. He laid her body down against the soft pillows as his body hovered over her. They kissed and fell into a trance. Her hands explored the warmth surging through his strong arms and defined back. Their warm bodies rubbed together. She immediately started to undo the buttons to his shirt and stripped every article of clothing off him off so she could feel his need exploding underneath his exposed form. Before they knew it, their layers started to melt away and tossed over to the floor. Not before long, they were expose to each other. Limbs became intertwined and tangled. His hands to wandered up to her supple breasts. His fingers teased her sensitive erect nipples before sucking on them gently. He played with them simultaneously triggering both her pleasure to drive her mad.  Her thighs begin to quiver underneath him. A moan escaped her lips. She felt him getting hard against her dripping slit. She wanted him so badly. The lustful man began to work his way down her enticing silhouette leaving a sweet trail of kisses in his wake. He reached her soaked opening. Soon his tongue began to play with her clit make himself get lost between her legs. He reeled in her mind-blowing taste that made him delirious while fueled by the pleasurable sounds emitting from her lush lips. She arched her back against him losing grip of her sanity. Both their temperatures rose as he drank from her juicy mound gripping her gorged backside. He could feel her going crazy as her body starting to convulse. They were both ready for the next phase of their spectacular show of sexual indulgence.
He rolled over so that she was now on top. He gripped the sides of her shapely hips. She could feel him slowly entering her tight hole. That amazing feeling of fulfillment drove her mad as he began to move. He created a powerful rhythm with hard manhood pounding into her. She got wetter as he thrust into her. His breathing became heavy and he couldn’t hold it in any longer. In the heat of their passion, they switched positions. Her moans grew louder. His throbbing erection felt like paradise. They were in a heat. She loved every minute of it.  They began to rotate those hypnotic hips into his at a slowly seductive pace. His thrusts got harder and harder filling her up with orgasmic delight. Sighs of pleasure were now emanating from his lips. Her soft constricting walls felt like heaven. Their mesmerizing beat started to become more desperate and intense with their minds becoming disoriented in the provocative world they had built with their lust. His rapid tempo pounded into her pleasure spot over and over again. Her thoughts become incoherent. She leaned closer to him bracing her hands his sides against his sex-crazed assault against her velvety slit. His grip got tighter and his thrust got harder. Their pace became erratic. They were in euphoric bliss lost in their basking passionate ambiance.
“Oh god” were the only words she could form in between her pants. His hands were placed firmly on her bosom. Their soft perkiness only brought him closer to his peak. The zealous woman could feel his movement start to become uncontrollable. Their climax had been drawing closer but neither wanting their impassioned lovemaking to end. For a brief moment, she could envision how blissful their lives could be if they could make this one moment become everlasting. They had reached the pinnacle of their sexual nature and climaxed together with the sounds of pleasure echoing in harmony. They could see the stars hidden in the heavens from the soaring heights their pleasure had taken and experienced a thrilling enlightenment. She fell onto his sweat-glazed body in defeat as she heard his heart beating rapidly trying to catch his breath. After a few brief moments, both their heart began to start winding down from the climatic heights of passion they experienced.
“How do you feel?” he asked. She couldn’t help but smile.
“I feel wonderful and looking forward to the rest of this night” she replied with a playful kiss.
“Then let’s move this into the bedroom and get more comfortable” he said before lifting her petite body up with his off the cozy couch. He carried her delicately into the bedroom. A warm smiled found it’s way onto her lips. The night had only begun with no end in sight.
The End.

Until the next time,
xoxo The Vixen